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Fare thee well 2021

To all those who read the last installment, thank you. My resolution for the new year is to be a tad more upbeat. A Sisyphian task to be sure in these dystopian times but I will make the effort. But first, I have to do this….

Inbox. Outbox. Deadbox

I had kind of prepared this piece earlier this year as a take on spring cleaning but that season kind of came and went. I worked up something about the parallels to Passover and the  ritual cleaning of a Jewish home prior to the holiday. I brought in for flavor the Iranian Nowruz, or new year, which is said to include traditional ‘shaking’ of the house. For those of us in the snowbelt, it might go back to the days when winter fireplaces, oil furnaces and poor ventilation …

This One’s for Howard

I have not posted in a while. I turned 65 earlier this year which kind of makes the whole idea of this blog kind of moot for there is a huge difference between 60 and 65. When I turned 60 all I had to do was look over my shoulder and there were my 50s, still shiny like a fully loaded muscle car that had some good drives on it. Five years later, however, the 50s are distant and dusty, like that 1985 …