Fare thee well 2021

To all those who read the last installment, thank you. My resolution for the new year is to be a tad more upbeat. A Sisyphian task to be sure in these dystopian times but I will make the effort. But first, I have to do this….

Inbox. Outbox. Deadbox

I had kind of prepared this piece earlier this year as a take on spring cleaning but that season kind of came and went. I worked up something about the parallels to Passover and the  ritual cleaning of a Jewish home prior to the holiday. I brought in for flavor the Iranian Nowruz, or new year, which is said to include traditional ‘shaking’ of the house. For those of us in the snowbelt, it might go back to the days when winter fireplaces, oil furnaces and poor ventilation …

A Tale of Two Cities

I don’t like writing about the pandemic. The meniscus on treatments, lockdowns and hospital case loads tilts daily. Too much thinking about it leads me into very dark places. A couple of nights ago I was out with a group of people – spoiler alert, I’m not in Canada…

Top Shelf Lives: Norman, Mel, Howard and Woody

I don’t normally read biographies or autobiographies. The last one I truly enjoyed was WC Fields & Me which was a 1971 memoir by his girlfriend Carlotta Monti and read because my father had turned me on to Fields when I was a kid. The man was less than his talent but the lines Fields threw away under his whiskeyed breath were funnier than A material from today’s A List comics and Monti threw in a little sex which wreaked havoc with my impressionable teen angst. I also enjoyed Brad Park’s autobiography from the same year Play The Man.. If you don’t know who Brad Park is well…. it’s okay.

Duck and Covid

I gave myself a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I believe this was the first time after 66 years of living (Birthday on Wednesday if you are asking) that I have attempted such a feat in personal grooming. Yes, I have done some manscaping for which I was encouraged by a sudden parallel enthusiasm for landscaping prior to my kids’ sale of the marital home. The house was going to be this month’s blog topic but the ongoing ‘panic-demic’ is chewing up all the space in my head for the usual downbeat whimsy so I will stick to the current events.

It’s Oscar Bleak

For full disclosure it should be revealed to my handful of readers that I am in the film business so to speak.  My company, Unobstructed View Inc., is the longest running film distribution show  in Canada, now heading into its 27th year of existence.  We focus mainly on the digital and home entertainment platforms – we still sell DVDs and Blu-rays, the vinyl of the film business – and we only had one real theatrical release this past year.  That would be the …

The Not So Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I might have mentioned that the only series previous to Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  that I had binged was Mad Men.  Well worth the investment for to this day I contend it was the best drama series ever created for American television for reasons that have been enunciated over the years by better writers than me.  Mad Men was recommended to me by my long suffering Senior Vice President In Charge Of Anger Management and for that I owe her.  As an …