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This Is Not The Way It’s Supposed To Be

Silly me. For those few who read the last year’s recap, you might recall me moaning over a lost relationship ad nauseum. Some people even said there were some things in there better kept to myself. And they were probably right. In this dystopian nightmare of a world what relevance can we glean from romantic problems of an old man? Fittingly, the powers that be must have read the installment because they decided that they would give me something to really mourn.

That Was The Year That Wasn’t

  Its not a particularly widespread tradition in my ethnic snack bracket to send out “End Of Year” letters. My wife, now ex, and I had some some friends during our time in LA that introduced us to this tradition and it was a nice way of catching up, collecting thoughts and framing a piece of time in the context of a continued commitment to friendships that became out of distance.  Molly and Edward had us on their list for a long time, …