Category: Coronavirus

A Tale of Two Cities

I don’t like writing about the pandemic. The meniscus on treatments, lockdowns and hospital case loads tilts daily. Too much thinking about it leads me into very dark places. A couple of nights ago I was out with a group of people – spoiler alert, I’m not in Canada…

Duck and Covid

I gave myself a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I believe this was the first time after 66 years of living (Birthday on Wednesday if you are asking) that I have attempted such a feat in personal grooming. Yes, I have done some manscaping for which I was encouraged by a sudden parallel enthusiasm for landscaping prior to my kids’ sale of the marital home. The house was going to be this month’s blog topic but the ongoing ‘panic-demic’ is chewing up all the space in my head for the usual downbeat whimsy so I will stick to the current events.